PM Netanyahu’s Response to the Agreement between PA and Hamas

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the following remarks earlier this afternoon (Monday), 6 February 2012:

“I would like to say a few words about what was signed in Doha.  Hamas is a terrorist organization that strives to destroy Israel, and which is supported by Iran. I have said many times in the past that the Palestinian Authority must choose between an alliance with Hamas and peace with Israel. Hamas and peace do not go together. Over the past few weeks, Israel and elements in the international community have made great efforts to advance the peace process. If Abu Mazen [Mahmoud Abbas] implements what has been signed in Doha, he will have chosen to abandon the way of peace and to join with Hamas, without Hamas having accepted the minimal conditions of the international community: Not only does Hamas not recognize Israel and the [previously signed] agreements, it has not abandoned terrorism. It is continuing with terrorism and to arm itself in order to perpetrate even deadlier terrorism. I say to Abu Mazen [Abbas]: You cannot hold the stick by both ends. It is either peace with Hamas or peace with Israel; you cannot have it both ways.”